Sunday, January 9, 2011

first time................

as a person, there are alot of first time in our when are still a baby. we had our first smile, first tooth, first word, first step and a lot more as we grew older. our mom and dads open took pictures of those moments to capture that events in our lives that they thought was something significant or even amazing... they wanted to hold the memories in their hearts and pictures are great if u want to bring back memories of the past!!...during our teenage life, we open encountered our "first love",...the feeling that almost everyone of us still remembers as long as our mind permits us to..."first kiss" usually comes in naturally with our 1st love...heart beating so fast, i remembered, it almost made me swoon!! to thinks that it was just a kiss in my cheek (the right cheek to be exact)...."first date", with chaperon of course!! PDA allowed, no holding hands....purely dinning ang talking quietly at times....and so our "first broken heart" follows,...its so amazing that i survived that experienced...i thought i was going to die during that time...the pain of loosing someone at a very young age made me cry everyday for almost a month!...come to think of it,...loosing someone?...he didnt even died,...hihih..he was forced by his parents to transfer in a different school because they moved out...and i cried a river of tears because i cannot see him everyday...well they say that first love never dies....^^, funny,.. but the following month i stopped crying and had a new crush!!!

         we go on with our lives we made a lot of things for the first time, first job, first office uniform, first pay check, first salary increase, first promotion and so on....can we say "first wife"?? hihih, guess not, unless you are a muslim,....first child....and so the story will repeat itself...

                 this is my "first time" to post something i wrote..i honestly dont know where to start,...i mean this is just a try out!....hope someone will find it and spend time with this............FIRST TIME!!

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  1. nose bleed ako sis.. at ako na ang una hahaha... welcome sa blogsphere..